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When recruiting new staff for your business, employee experience is becoming increasingly important. There are many reasons for this, the essential one is that you need to retain your talent. So, if you are struggling with staff morale issues or have lots of staff leaving, then it could be time to address this area of your organisation.

What is employee experience

Employee experience is wide ranging and includes everything your staff encounter, experience and feel as they progress their career through your business. It includes the job specification, application, interview and hiring process, onboarding, training and development, evaluations/appraisals, promotion and of course exiting your organisation.

From the very first interaction with your business, a potential employee has as expectation about what it will be like to work for you. You need to make sure that what follows, really does add up. Otherwise there will be a loss of trust resulting in retention issues, as employees start to create tension and problems, or start to look for opportunities elsewhere.

The vital first step

The employee experience starts with recruitment. Treating candidates well from the word go, sends out a positive message that if they are successful in their recruitment, that they will continue to be treated well as an employee. This simply fact alone will boost your ability to attract talent to your company.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle with delivering a high-quality candidate experience. Employees have more choice than ever before, but a good recruitment experience could sway a candidate away from a competitor and towards your company.

Valuable difference

If you are struggling, then help is at hand. At Total Spectrum, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive recruitment service that delivers unrivalled support, advice and help along the way. We care that you recruit the right people for the right roles and our three core client services have proved time and time again to make a valuable difference to our clients:

  • Free review of your recruitment processes, systems and requirements
  • Identifying suitable candidates
  • Managing your recruitment campaigns

And don’t forget that companies with high employee engagement tend to generate 2.5 times as much revenue as companies with low engagement levels. For more information, get in touch today 01327 229685, or visit

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