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In these politically correct times in which we operate, one thing that’s good to see is that regardless of age, there are still lots of opportunities available for people to find work.

But what some organisations fail to realise, is that whilst it’s great to have an innovative and youthful workforce, there are lots of advantages to employing more experienced candidates.

It’s a fact that we’re all going to live longer and whilst it appears that the age when we will be entitled to receive the state pension keeps changing, what is clear is that many older candidates want to stay in work longer and maybe even need a change career. So, if you are an employer, why should you pick a more mature person to take up a position with your organisation, rather than a fresh-faced twentysomething year old?

Enriched environment

To me this one is a no-brainer. If you are looking to find a steady and reliable workforce who cost less to hire, train and maintain and who will have no major plans to move up and on, then generally, the more mature applicant ticks all the boxes. It’s my understanding that not only can they enrich and improve working environments, but they also offer the following key attributes, these are:

  •          Knowledge, skills and experience
  •          Honesty
  •          Responsibility
  •          Dependability
  •          Punctuality
  •          Work ethic
  •          Loyalty
  •          Focus
  •          Organisation
  •          Perspective
  •          Productivity
  •          Happy/more content

Balanced workforce

What organisations need to harness is a health mix of people of all ages. This is turn creates a balanced workforce where you can maximise the expertise of older workers to help their younger counterparts through coaching and mentoring. After all, who better to help younger staff learn from mistakes and make them aware of any pitfalls, than those who have trodden that well-worn path previously?

Different mindset

Of course, that doesn’t mean that older workers don’t make mistakes, of course they do, but their mindset is different. When they do something wrong, they are more likely to apologise, take responsibility and ultimately work harder to ensure they make amends and more importantly don’t do it again.

Any business owner who’s hesitant to hire an older worker needs to bear in mind that an older workers’ unique skills and values, combined with potential time and money savings, because staff turnover will generally be less, makes hiring them a simple option. So, for a happier, more successful and balanced business, isn’t it time that you reaped the benefits of being an age-friendly employer?

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