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2020 has certainly changed all our lives. Lockdown has given us plenty of time to work on our business and Total Spectrum is no different.

Like many business owners, we have looked at ways in which we can continue to enhance our client offering, whilst at the same time making it easy for people to both understand and access our services. In addition, we have reviewed and changed our pricing.

Our costs remain very competitive and are based on many years of experience, coupled with the latest skills and knowledge. They are also flexible, with clients able to secure our services for either a project, hourly or monthly fee. And for recruitment, we don’t deal in percentages, it’s just a straight up fee, depending on the salary of the person you are recruiting.

New HR Service

When the remainder of businesses re-open, we will continue to provide dedicated help, support and management of both online and offline recruitment campaigns. However, we can now also offer specialist HR services, to ensure increased productivity and profitability for your organisation.

So if you are looking for someone who can help you to professionally recruit (including writing job ads, posting on various platforms, undertaking interviews, plus documentation and qualification checking) and look after your staff (including any compliance or employment law issues, practices, processes, procedures, grievances, contracts, onboarding or other employee specific requirements), then Total Spectrum offer a complete service tailored to meet your exact needs.

Enhance your working environment

With all things recruitment and HR related, we start with a free review, which is followed up with a written advisory report with prioritised recommendations so you can:

·         Improve team dynamics, including introducing better efficiencies

·         Enhance the quality of your staff and their working environment

·         Raise your profile as a great employer

Free Recruitment and HR Review

The review is our opportunity to find out everything we can about the organisation and its people, including any sticking points or areas that may need to be worked on. Whilst this is your opportunity to tell us how things currently work and how you want them to work in the future. Often this simple process can throw up some interesting options and ideas which may not have been considered before, it can also highlight where policies and procedures have not been kept up to date in line with changes in legislation and best practice.

Click here for more information on our latest pricing structure. Or get in touch with Debby Clayton today for a no obligation chat about specific issues that may be bubbling under the surface.

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