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If the coronavirus epidemic has:

– Stopped you from getting the job of your dreams

– Stalled your new role as your start date has been pushed back

– Left you wondering how to fill your day

…why not use this sudden free time to brush up on your skills, sign up for relevant courses, do some learning and personal development or take up self-improvement?

Keep your brain active

None of us want to be stuck at home, but we have no choice. So instead of wasting your time watching endless TV or playing unfulfilling online games, why not use the internet to access a whole host of free online resources that can improve your functional expertise, your soft skills and of course keep your brain active and responsive to studying new things?

There is certainly no shortage of choice, everything from ways to spruce up your CV, enhance your writing, business, IT, presentation, interview, networking or general employability skills. And it doesn’t need to be all work related, there are wellbeing, diet, mindfulness, relationships, exercise classes, cooking programmes, ideas for taking up a new hobby and other more relaxing and health promoting apps and forums for you to get involved with.

Stay positive

If you stop thinking of it as an enforced lockdown and instead concentrate on the ways that you can use this newfound time for self-development, then things will look different and you will feel more focused. And when this is all over, you will find yourself better equipped as a good prospective employee in the future, which might help you to secure the job of your dreams.

Personally, I am using this time to plan. By keeping a journal of positive things that are happening, I am managing to stay calm and optimistic. I am using my time wisely, undertaking regular health, wellbeing and fitness activities, combined with lots of thinking time. This has helped me to come up with lots of new and exciting ways that I can improve business processes and systems, as well as taking my skills to the next level.

Establish a new routine

I find that I work better with a routine. OK, so it’s completely different to the one I had before Coronavirus, but some daily planning helps me to come up with a structure that works for me. My new look to do list, enables me to balance everything, so I get the right amount of stimulation, fitness, personal development, communication and relaxation. And I find that keeping in touch with people, candidates, clients, friends, family and other business colleagues, means I can feel part of a wider community, which once again helps with my general outlook and wellbeing.

Let me help!

I have also freed up some time to help others who may be struggling with the new way of life. So, if you would like to get in touch, I can help you to come through this with your sanity and sense of humour intact, whilst also having some additional skills and experiences to draw on in the future.

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