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At the start of every year and as part of compiling a life plan, I make some commitments. One of them for 2023 is to read 12 books – one a month – to help with my self-development.

A better you?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and self-help books, whether they are problem focused or growth orientated, are good in so many ways. Not only can they help you to learn and progress, but they also motivate and inspire you to do things in a better way. Furthermore, they can expand your view of the world, enable you to confidently challenge preconceptions and introduce you to people who have encountered the same struggles as you and overcome them in their journey to success.

The secret is to find books that resonate with you and your style and which are written in an acceptable tone and deals with the right subject matter. Self-help books are non-fiction and therefore, you need to read them differently to how you would read a novel. My advice is to read a few pages slowly and then practice the exercises they offer and follow the advice and tips in your everyday life.

Horses for courses

Whilst I find books that can help with my self-development essential reading, others may not be convinced. For some people self-help books lack credibility and are guilty of giving wrong and sometimes harmful advice, whilst others think they give false hope, make uncertain people just feel worse about themselves, or stop individuals from seeking professional support. Whatever your views, I would urge everyone to read something – newspapers, books, magazines, poetry etc, because reading comes with oodles of benefits.

Benefits of reading

Did you know that reading continually improves memory function by giving your brain a good workout? And one study says that it can also help you live longer, a further 12 years! But reading has other benefits which shouldn’t be sniffed at, so whether you read for pleasure or for learning, I encourage you to continue because reading improves:

  • Concentration/Memory
  • Literacy
  • Sleep
  • Motivation
  • Ability to relax
  • Empathy
  • General Knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • Communication
  • Imagination/creativity
  • Happiness & relaxation levels

Reading can also reduce stress, experts say this is because the mind has to focus on what you are reading, so it effectively blocks out other distractions. It can also help to maintain function as you age and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

How I can help

So next time you need a break, want to enjoy or improve yourself, read a book. They allow you to escape, explore the different possibilities in the world, learn and be inspired along the way. For help and support with selecting the right self-help books for your life plan, please get in touch – 07780 692784 or

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